Q & A

Is there a nomination or voting process?

Not really, no. You’ll often see bloggers posting about awards and “nominating” other bloggers, but in this case “nominating” means the same thing as “giving” — there’s no real nomination process, and no voting at all. If another blogger wants to give you an award, they simply post about it.

Do the awards have requirements?

The Award asks you to do these things:

  • Tell readers something about yourself. Often, a certain number of facts about yourself, or respond to a set of questions.
  • Pass the award along to other bloggers..
  • Display an award badge on your blog. You can put the badge in a widget in a sidebar or footer. (optional)

Do I have to accept an award if I’m nominated?

Nope! There are many bloggers who prefer not to accept awards, no one’s going to arrive at your house and force you to accept and post anything. Really.
If you’ve been nominated but would rather not participate, you can simply ignore the nomination. A polite “I appreciate the recognition, but I don’t participate in blog awards” is completely acceptable.

What if I’ve already accepted the Award from someone else?

Congratulations! At this point you have a few choices:

  • Politely decline and link them to your past post.
  • Gleefully accept and add a new post.
  • Accept and simply edit your past post including the info of your new nomination.

Why would someone make such a thing like the Liebster Award?

Back in the early days of the Internet, ‘awards’ were all the rage for all kinds of websites. They stroke the ego, brighten the day and are usually nice to look at. But some see them as’outbreaks’ and mostly about ego-boosting, self-aggrandisement, and self-promotion.

Can I make up my own award?

Absolutely! You can create an award or badge of your own to give to bloggers you love.
And you never know; the award you create could become the next Liebster!